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November 20, 2011
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Valy's Mutations Line Up by Valery91Thunder Valy's Mutations Line Up by Valery91Thunder
The almost-neverending classification of my cast of characters, in and outside the Best Thing In Town universe, wouldn't be exactly complete without a line up for Valy's mutations. So before writing the descriptions for each mutation I'm going to clarify a couple of thingies regarding them in general:
:bulletgreen: What I call "mutation" is actually an alternative way to draw my fursona, Valy. In some forms, it's usually the normal Valy as we know her, just cosplaying or with slight differences. In other forms, her body can change gender (becoming mostly neuter/ungendered or sometimes just androgynuous, never male), height, and shape. All the forms have different personalities and different ways to react to situations.
:bulletgreen: Valy (as the character per se) can't actually transform by herself into these mutations, neither by scientific reactions, nor magic or other shits: she doesn't have the power to shapeshift, as she's quite a normal person, and you'll never see her "transforming" in my comics. That can't happen.
:bulletgreen: It's just up to the artist to draw Valy in their illustrations as her usual form or her alternative mutations; they're not powers, not totally different characters and not redesigns of my fursona: depending on the mood of the pic, Valy can be drawn either as the normal Valy or these styles listed below: she's always the same Stupid Wolf you all love (or love to hate? xD).
:bulletgreen: Unless you want to create a paradox picture, you will never see more than one mutation in a picture at the same time, nor you will see normal Valy WITH a mutation at the same time, as they all represent the same person.
And now in detail:

First form should be the normal Valy, but since everyone knows her it was a bit stupid to include her here.

:star:EmptyHead:star: Valy's first choice of mutation when it comes to Halloween themed pictures: she already has a reference sheet on her own, but I couldn't leave her out of this line up. EmptyHead is formed by Valy's dead body and her pumpkin parasite that keeps the body undead and, somewhat, "living". Where is Valy's original head? No one knows. It might have been disintegrated.
Her head and insides are filled with miscellaneous organs and guts, sticky orange goo and candy; the only thing missing in her is a brain, thus EmptyHead can be violent and dangerous when attacking, but in general, she is guillible and a pretty silly zombie. The air pumped from lungs and trachea goes through the orange goo that flows in her pumpkin head, making the usual gurgles she uses to speak as EmptyHead is unable to use proper language: not only her brain is missing, but also her tongue. Eyes, nose and mouth are carved in the pumpkin, but alive and able to move and change shape: EmptyHead is quite and expressive pumpkin! Even her special bumps on her head used as ears work as actual organs.
For more info about EmptyHead, check out her main reference sheet:…

:star:Jason J:star: Let's continue with another Halloween mutation; this started out just as an Halloween cosplay icon, but then a friend of mine shaped this character better in a comic, and I decided to make it a proper mutation for Valy. It's still pretty unused though.
Jason J is Valy as Jason Voorhees from the "Friday 13th" horror/slasher movie series. It's ungendered and it's the biggest mutation, appearing as a tall and muscular figure among the other ones. Usually found in the woods or in suburbs ready to strike another victim. Can carry miscellaneous weapons including a machete, an axe or a chainsaw. A silent, solitary being, whose speeches are usually limited to whispers and metallic clangs. Never takes off its mask. Needless to say that he's not the best creature to hang out with: if you see Jason J, run!

:star:Medic Valy:star: To be used in Team Fortress 2 themed pictures, Medic Valy isn't just Valy cosplaying as the Medic from TF2, but she also has a perfectly matching personality. With a strong german accent and a love for everything that involves medicine in some way, Medic Valy thinks that healing is just a side effect of her gorey and inappropriate experiments. Faithful mercenary of the RED Team although her uniform is slightly different from the usual RED Medic one, being constantly stained in blood and having her class symbols on red armbands (instead of having them drawn on the coat sleeves), kinda like the beta Medic outfit. Not much of an healer Medic, as she prefers to have an attack role. Her usual equipment is formed by her Vita-Saw, her Quick-Fix and her Blutsauger. Usually seen battling with MLock's Randy Raccoon as the BLU Spy, or taking care of her doves: Archimedes, Plato and Aristoteles.

:star:Nurse Vee:star: Full name's Nurse Vee Rozetta Beast, and yes, "Nurse" is in the name. This is Valy's most feminine mutation: heck, it's even more feminine than normal Valy! Must be because the actual creator of Nurse Vee was :iconmlock:, who's usually the one that draws Valy with a proper girly body (I just draw creatures with thicker or blockier appeareances ._.). This vicious, long-eyelashed, razor-teethed but incredibly stupid nurse is the assistant to MLock's insane Doctor Lock. Helps him with his operations, dissections and experiments and she is usually seen equipped with a huge syringe or a defribrillator (she carries it like a backpack). She has the ability to create up to two clones of herself in order to help Doctor Lock, or accidentally riun his plans even more. She owns two pets: her black reanimated cat named Rufus and her addicted hyena Adrenaline (which is actually Doctor Lock's pet, but she takes care oh her anyway).
More info on these pets here:…

:star:Valyce:star: Valy's most recent mutation and currently my personal favourite; in this mutation, Valy's androgynous and neuter appeareance is shaped after Alice Cooper's trademark look, hance the markings over its eyes and lips and the messy shoulder-lenght hair. Mostly based off the role Alice Cooper has played in his dedicated episode of the Muppet Show in 1978, Valyce is an agent to the Devil and its job is to make people sign contracts for eternal life, fame and richness in chainge of their soul; turns out, it isn't exactly easy as Valyce thinks. His main outfit is based off Alice's performance on the show, too, though he can actually wear any costume, depending on his mood.
Usually a fun-loving, alcohol-addicted, freakingly original and suave wolf, but stay away from him if he gets angry or violent. Can use a wide variety of weapons depending on the mood, from normal knives to axes and swords. Often chased or backed up by weird monsters generated from his nightmares and allucinations. Can also be more similar to Motley Crue's member Nikki Sixx for what it concerns hair and clothing.

:star:ValyMander:star: Born both as a tribute to the Earthworm Jim games saga and as an experiment in which I had to change Valy's original species, I thought that the Blind Cave Salamander would have been an interesting alternative to the Stupid Wolf. ValyMander is the smallest Valy mutation (only 30cm long, tail included!) and completely changes Valy's look. She's pink, has gooey and rubbery flabby skin, and her trademark tuft is actually an extra part of her skin. The most noticeable detail in her it that her eyes are missing: as a Blind Cave Salamander, ValyMander has no eyes at all, but only an intern ganglia of fotosensitive cells; she doesn't recognize colours nor can exactly tell what she's in front of her, thus resulting in many idiotic accidents. That doesn't stop her to be a laid-back and happy-go-lucky creature. Can be drawn in feral form as well, and breast doesn't need to be visible. Come to think of it, it shouldn't.

:star:Wardy:star: Another fairly recent mutation and the last one for this lineup. This time Valy's appeareance is modeled after Warden from the Superjail cartoon: ungendered body with a masculine but armonoius appeareance, short hair (with exception of its giant tuft) and always seen with a purple tuxedo and yellow sunglasses. This guillible, vain and selfish being is mainly convinced that all he does entertains and brightens other people, while actually his jail and all kinds of freaky machinery is built to kill people in the most weird and gruesome ways. Like the original Warden, Wardy is always happy, has a good sense of rhetoric and moves around swiftly and quickly: he can curve his elastic body like rubber and change size, but not as much as the Warden.

Soo that's it, I don't think I'm going to bother you again with new reference sheets on my characters or lineup or stuff... I'm done with the introductions! I can go on with personal illustrations, strips and whatnot! =D And, hopefully, trades! :3 That is if I have time. ._.
(C) Valy J ThunderBeast (and her alternative forms) : Me.
(C) Art: Me.
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That's not axolotl!Val?

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Axolotls have fully formed eyes as far as I know o.o
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I really like all of these. It's a neat idea, having different versions of the same character. Give you lots of creative flexibility! :iconawwehplz:
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Well EmptyHead can get along with the majority of monsters if she's in a good mood. She's also fairly weak so she won't attack creatures that look much stronger than her. ^^
Demonofthedeep Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011
Well, Rakdos looks pretty ordinary. Like a human with grey skin, BUT if he punches you in the face, you wonīt get up again...
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Medic Valy, I'd like to see your license to practice medicine! There's been a recent rash of thefts of mega-baboon hearts and the fact you're you points to you!
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