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December 4, 2012
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Wolf's Best Friend by Valery91Thunder Wolf's Best Friend by Valery91Thunder
"I'm telling ya Valery, next time I decide to adopt a pet, I'll make sure they're not retarded."
"It's really your fault if you can't train your allies. >_>"
Oh hey I'm back to everyday scenes drawn in hope they could help me have a better visual reference of Best Thing In Town's locations and stuff. Remember when I did a drawing of Valy's room? This one is something like a follow up, showing the room in almost its entirety minus the door and the other piece of furniture in which Valy keeps her bass, CD and game collection (hey if you want a better view, I could make a map or something). Background is once again a picture taken from my balcony, blurry because I wanted a "foggy/rainy cold evening" effect, hope it's good enough.
It's known that cats in general like to annoy when you're busy working, but I've had the same issue with my hamsters as well, so I guess it's a pet thing. xD I just wanted to have Valy interact with Chrys. Rufus was added later because it needed to be drawn as well. It's nice to see Valy drawn in her official outfit again with all her standard bracelets, I used to rush it a bit.
I'm probably going to do other scenes like these, hopefully the next one will be Candy or Joypad's room, and then I want to try out Jamaila or Tre's workplace.
(C) Characters: Me.
(C) Art: Me.
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Ziblink Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Rats buddy, best pets ever.

Also +1 for JP's room. (And all the many posters it has on its wall.)
You know, I imagine JoyPad's having GIFs as posters, because being the cyborg that she is she would be actually able to print those out (don't ask me how, tho).
Ziblink Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
'State of the art 3D printer' she had said. And I had to admit, she was right. Animated posters were no problem, you fed in the GIF file and out it popped, laminated and animating.

Anything could be printed she said, anything. As long as it could be reduced to an image file or 3D model, the printer would produce it. I should have stopped then, I should have, but I had to ask, I had to ask, could it do living things? It was a joke really, a jab, not a serious inquiry.

And she'd printed the bird.

It wasn't a real, living bird, she'd said as it chirped and flew about the room, but more of a representation of one, a digitized equivalent. If you looked closely enough, she said, you'd see the individual grains of which it had been composed. And yet, and yet, there it was, flying about bold as brass, almost indistinguishable from the bird in the video feed she'd used.

Again, I should have stopped there, I should have let things be. But I couldn't help but think... of her. Certainly the printer was large enough to produce an object the size of a person, and I had pictures...

I dismissed the idea as soon as it emerged, but its seed remained with me.

It was Alkaline who first suggested we try the fork. Joy had accidentally entered a picture before it had finished loading, and the resulting object had been very... interesting. Certainly quite colorful, almost a work of art. So we reasoned, or at least Alk did, that a visual illusion would have equally interesting results, if it worked at all. After all, what would the printer do? Could it even read such an impossible object? A short google search for 'Impossible fork' later and we had a suitable design, hastily tweaked using Alk's limited artistic ability to make an object we could, in theory hold, and it was entered into the machine.

Alkaline was disappointed, so was I at first. It was just a normal, two pronged fork. It seemed as if the printer had just interpreted it in the most possible, mundane manner. Alkaline went home and I tidied up, Joy would be upset to find us fiddling with her stuff.

Then I saw it, the impossible gap.

Between the two prongs, a third, there, and yet... not there. And where it wasn't... a gap. A void that flashed in and out of existence like some strange bug in the code of the universe. The printer had done it, printed us an impossible object, and only then, in the fading light of sunset did I see it. Even then there was time for me to escape, to call others and show them what we had done. But I couldn't help but stare, looking into the impossible gap, at what lay beyond.

Strange things, blurs and colors and snippets of movement. And her. Her1 I was sure I saw here in there, just for a second, a flash. But long enough.

I can't stop myself now. The printer is big enough, just big enough, if I resize the image right, just right, to make something big enough for a person to fit through, if they turn sideways. I can get my finger through the gap in the small fork, it feels strange, like poking it into a freezer. The big fork is almost done now, I can see it emerging from the printer, the impossible gap ever so wide. Soon it will be complete and I shall walk through it.
StudioMirai Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
mi piace come hai particolareggiato la stanza. ^_^
sithwolf Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
he must want somethng.... or did somethng... well have fun with that valy
pets do seem to be annoying sometimes, but they also seem to know when you're depressed too...
ShimaFox Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gli animaletti ritardati sono i migliori, almeno non ti fanno annoiare mai XD

Che bel lavoro, si vede l'impegno! *w* Ehi, forse Ŕ la prima volta che disegni insieme Valy & Valery? :3 Almeno stavolta Contix non le scambierÓ! XD
Non ci sperare che ci sara' ancora quello/a che li confonde... Ŕ una battaglia che non vincero' mai D:
ShimaFox Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*paptpat* forever scambiata! D:
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